Additional Services Available
Our menu prices are per person unless otherwise stated .   Taxes are extra on all items.
Gratuity is charged on all meals and host bars.
A supervised coat check (during winter months) is available.  Guests who check their coats pay $1.00

WEDDING PACKAGE : $395.00 & $495
Head table is covered with white linen skirting, sashes,  floral and mini lights.  Cake table & Guestbook table are covered with white linen & skirting.  Also included are:

THE COPA: White tulle & mini lights are suspended across the room, plus a park bench, trees  and mini lights complete the package.  

REGENT PARK: Mini lights and floral decorate the pillars surrounding the dance floor, and decorative trees decorated with mini lights accent the room.

Optional Centerpieces . $ 8.00 and up per table

Chair Covers . $ 3.50 per chair.
Black or white with your choice of sash colour
LED up light package. $75
(only available at Regent Park)

Table linen in your choice of colours is FREE with all dinner

A $300.00 deposit is required at time of booking. Credit is accepted for deposits only.

Final payment must be made the day before your reception.  Certified Cheque, bank draft  or Cash.

Final confirmation of the expected number of guests must be received by our office a minimum of
10 days prior to your function.

See us for complete terms and conditions. Existing customer, please refer to your booking contract for complete details

click picture to see more decorating
click to see more decoratimg

We can accommodate your ceremony in a separate chapel area.  from $300.00

Optional Deluxe Arch add $100

We can also accommodate other styles of ceremonies, from casual to elegant to Elvis, give us a call to see what we can do for you.
You've put a lot of planning into your special occasion  Why risk ruining it with an "ordinary"  music company!  Our DanceTrax DJs know music, and focus on what you want!  A DanceTrax professional will assist you at every turn, playing music that you and your guests want to hear, helping make your function a success. Don't let an "ordinary" DJ ruin your event with the wrong music ! 

EXPERIENCE: The owner of DanceTrax spent 10 years in the record industry, working with acts like Blue Rodeo, Reba McIntyre, Maestro, Our Lady Peace, Jann Arden, Nazareth and more. That professional experience is reflected in their huge music selection, their attention to detail and commitment to our customers.

PARTY MUSIC: DanceTrax uses their music industry connections  to make sure we have the hottest new tracks and remixes!!

BUT IT'S NOT JUST THE BEST NEW MUSIC: our selection includes all of your favorites.  Whether it's country, the rock 'n roll 50's, retro 80's, old school 90's or classic rock 60's & 70's, we play your requests, spinning something for everyone; from grandparents to teenagers. That's why DanceTrax clients include everyone from the universities to Legions, from record labels to schools. Night after night, DanceTrax DJs turn special events into parties! 

PRICES: Socials: $395  Weddings, 5:30 start $450  plus $89 for ReSound & SOCAN* fees.
*ReSound & SOCAN are Canada wide music taxes the government recently imposed. ALL halls legally must remit these for every event

You are free to provide your own DJ at our halls.
However we DO NOT ALLOW Roadshow or Midnight Sound in our facilities
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Regent Park Hall (204) 222-2931